Century Award Winners 1914

From this winners’ page, you can click on the category to see the blog entry which announces the winner, or on the movie title to read my original review of that title.


Best Makeup/Hairstyling: Patchwork Girl of Oz


Best Costume Design: Kid Auto Races at Venice


Best Production Design: Cabiria


Best Stunts: Perils of Pauline


Best Film Editing: The Massacre


Best Cinematography: Silent Witnesses


Best Visual Effects: Gertie the Dinosaur


Best Screenplay: Cabiria


Best Supporting Actress: Elsa Krueger (Silent Witnesses)


Best Supporting Actor: Bartolomeo Pagano (Cabiria)


Best Leading Actor: Joe Goodboy (Last of the Line)


Best Leading Actress: Marie Dressler (Tillie’s Punctured Romance)


Best Director: Giovanni Pastrone (Cabiria)


Best Picture: Cabiria