Great Train Robbery (1903): The Trailer

Hi folks, and welcome to my contribution to the Classic Movie Blog Association’s “Plains, Trains, and Automobiles” blogathon. I’m a little excited about this one, because I made a movie! Well, kind of. What I made was a new, high-powered trailer for the very old movie “The Great Train Robbery.” My idea is that this will be the kind of action-trailer that would actually get an audience that “doesn’t like old movies” excited to see one of the blockbusters of the past. I tried to do it exactly in the style of a big-budget action movie trailer. Did I succeed? Scroll down and judge for yourselves.

A word about copyright: I own this trailer, although of course the movie “The Great Train Robbery” is in public domain (as are all other films I used for clips) and people can do whatever they want with it. The music is originally from “Russian Sailor’s Dance” by Gliere, arrangement and foley by Toby Chappell. I fully encourage you to share this on your blog, twitter, facebook, whatever (let’s see it go viral), but please link back to the Century Film Project if you share it.

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