Let’s talk a bit about copyright and this blog. As the author of all reviews, I hold moral and legal rights to everything written here, but I’m fine with people linking or quoting, preferably with attribution.

Because I’m using images, when I use them, from media produced 100 years ago, I generally assume it to be in the public domain. I do attempt to perform due diligence to confirm this in all cases. If you believe that I have infringed your copyright, please contact me at popegrutch at to express your concerns.

There are some cases which are less than clear. For example, the image I used for “Fantômas contre Fantômas” was found at wikimedia commons, with an “Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported” license. It states I can share it with “attribution” as specified by the author or licensor, but said author has no account with Wikimedia Commons (just the non-existent handle “”Fredojoda”) and has placed no specifications for sharing on the site. I’ve gone ahead and used it, for want of any better method to determine what “Fredojoda” wants, and also because I suspect s/he has no rights to it in the first place, it being in the public domain.

For what public domain could look like under earlier law, take a look: here.