Welcome to 1920

by popegrutch

Happy New Year’s, everyone. With the change of decades, the Century Film Project enters a new era as well. Most obviously, we are moving from a period I was studying because I didn’t know it well, into a period when I’ve already seen a fair number of films. This started in a small way in 1919, and there’s still an awful lot more for me to learn about the 20s, but the clock is rapidly taking me into more familiar territory. Of course, there are still many tens of thousands of movies from before 1920 that I’d like to review.

What I plan to do starting this weekend, is to alternate between posting about one 1920 film and one pre-1920 film on each Saturday and Sunday (sometimes taking advantage of Holidays to sneak something extra in). I’ll probably miss this schedule as often as I keep it, but at least that will give me a guideline as to what I can expect to accomplish in a given week/month/year. I hope this will also give my readers a bit more predictable of a reading schedule.

Thank you for reading and enjoy the next 100 years.