August 1917

by popegrutch

The First World War continues to be a major change agent in the world, but the Century News for August, 1917, emphasizes militarization and revolt more than actual military actions. Here are some of the headlines people saw in their newspapers 100 years ago:

Dunning, after completing the first successful moving carrier landing

World War I

Squadron Commander E.H. Dunning lands his aircraft on the ship HMS Furious in Scapa Flow, Orkney on August 2. He is killed 5 days later during another landing on the ship.

Social Unrest

The Green Corn Rebellion, an armed uprising by several hundred farmers against the WWI draft, takes place on August 2-3 in central Oklahoma.

A general strike begins in Spain on August 10; it is smashed after 3 days with 70 left dead, hundreds of wounded and 2,000 arrests.


The New York Guard is founded on August 3 as the state defense force of New York State.

The Military Service Act is passed in the Canadian House of Commons, giving the Government of Canada the right to conscript men into the army.


Republic of China declares war on Germany and Austria-Hungary on August 14.


One of English literature’s important meetings takes place on August 17 when Wilfred Owen introduces himself to Siegfried Sassoon at the Craiglockhart War Hospital in Edinburgh.


The Great Thessaloniki Fire of 1917 in Greece destroys 32% of the city, leaving 70,000 individuals homeless.


Golden Rule Kate, a drama western starring Louise Glaum released August 12.

His Wedding Night, a ‘Fatty’ Arbuckle / Buster Keaton short released August 20.

The Little American, starring Mary Pickford; directed by Cecil B. DeMille released August 27.

Straight Shooting, directed by John Ford released August 27.


Earl Cameron, actor (appeared on “Doctor Who” and “The Prisoner”) born August 8.

Mel Ferrer, actor (in “Brannigan” and “The Hands of Orlac”) born August 25