Century Tweets?

by popegrutch

Cook and Rillys Trained RoosterI have never quite figured out Twitter, for one reason and another, nor gotten into it. But, I started an account some years ago that I never used. Of late, I’ve been thinking about ways to “boost the signal” of this blog, and looking at what other film bloggers do, I’ve come to realize that Twitter is an important tool. This blog started out being read mostly by my facebook friends, but as it has picked up more people who don’t know me, it’s become important to give them a way to keep up with the posts. Also, from my point of view, this may be a better way to track what’s going on in the film history world than just using my WordPress reader and occasional checkins at the CMBA webpage. Assuming I learn how it works, that is.


Therefore, I announce the launch of @CenturyFilmProj  !!!


Feel free to follow me there if interested.