The Actors: Rare Films of Douglas Fairbanks, Sr. Vol 1 (1915-1916, 20??)

by popegrutch

Rare Films FairbanksThis is a quickie low-to-mid quality DVD of public domain films. If you take a look at the screen captures of the reviews I’ve posted, you’ll get an idea of the image quality. It seemed worth it to me to be able to see some of Fairbanks’s earliest work, but now Flicker Alley is making one of those films – the Matrimaniac – available for streaming. I’ll be looking at the other 1916 Fairbanks movies streamed in coming weeks. In the meanwhile, though, this is about all there is for “The Lamb” and “Reggie Mixes in,” so if you’re a completist, this is better than nothing.

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