Dance of the Seasons: Winter, Snow Dance (1900)

by popegrutch

Alternate Title: Danse des saisons: L’Hiver, danse de la neige

Based solely on the title, I’m guessing that this comes from a set of four movies with dancers representing each of the seasons. However, this is the only one included on the Gaumont DVD of Alice Guy’s work, and possibly it is the only one that has survived.


What we see is a small stage with flakes drifting down from above to simulate snow. A woman with an odd headpiece with a fur stole attached dances in the center of the screen, seeming to mimic the fluttering of the snowflakes and perhaps suggesting shivers with her small, quick movements. She moves about the stage and flaps the stole with her arms. It seems to me as if by 1900 audiences would be demanding a bit more than a one-minute dance, but perhaps if this was shown with narration and the other three pieces of the film, it would seem a bit more sophisticated. The dancer’s legs are bare, which might have brought some attention from the gentlemen (it didn’t take much in 1900).

Director: Alice Guy

Camera: Unknown, possibly Alice Guy

Starring: Unknown

Run Time: 1 Min

You can watch it for free: here.