Century Awards Update

by popegrutch

With just two weeks left before the Century Awards, I want to go ahead and finalize my nominees. Last year I wisely announced only four nominees for each category on the initial day, then added one for each category in the finals. This year, I figured I had done such a good job watching 1915 movies that I didn’t need to do that – and lo and behold I discovered four exceptions. So, I’m adding a sixth movie to three categories and a seventh in one. This breaks the Academy’s rules all over the place, but luckily I’m not bound by them.

So, here’s the updated categories:

Assunta Spina

Best Costume Design

  1. Trilby
  2. The Deadly Ring
  3. A Fool There Was
  4. The Coward
  5. Hypocrites
  6. Alice in Wonderland *New*

Best Stunts

  1. Work
  2. The Lamb
  3. The Champion
  4. Regeneration
  5. By the Sea
  6. Fatty’s Faithful Fido *New*
  7. Fatty’s Tintype Tangle *New*

Best Lead Actress

  1. Clara Kimball Young for “Trilby”
  2. Anna Q. Nilsson for “Regeneration”
  3. Vera Kholodnaia for “Children of the Age”
  4. Fanny Ward for “The Cheat”
  5. Geraldine Farrar for “Carmen”
  6. Francesca Bertini for “Assunta Spina” *New*

See you on the Red Carpet!