Amy Muller (1896)

by popegrutch

Amy Muller

I can find out very little about this Edison short; I’m not even certain whether it was originally shot for the peep-hole viewing of the kinetoscope, or whether it was originally meant for the vitascope projector – Edison’s first device for projecting motion pictures on the screen. It is another brief dance clip, this time of a “toe dance,” as it was called in the catalog at the time, or ballet. Ms. Muller actually works a cartwheel into her act, and quite a bit of petticoat material becomes visible, between that and her twirls. Possibly quite racy for the time, Ms Muller is apparently forgotten while Annabelle Moore is still remembered by historians, at least.

Director: William Heise

Camera: William Heise

Starring: Amy Muller

Run Time: 30 seconds

You can watch it for free: here.