March 1915

by popegrutch

SMS Dresden, which would be scuttled after the Battle of Mas a Tierra off Chile

SMS Dresden, which would be scuttled after the Battle of Mas a Tierra off Chile.

Once again, it’s time for a new roundup of events 100 years ago.

World War One:

On March 14, the Battle of Más a Tierra takes place. Off the coast of Chile, the British Royal Navy forces the Imperial German Navy light cruiser SMS Dresden (last survivor of the German East Asia Squadron) to scuttle.

On March 18, a British attack on the Dardanelles fails.

Diplomacy: On March 14, Britain, France and the Russian empire reach the Constantinople Agreement, to give Constantinople and the Bosphorus to Russia in case of victory (the treaty is later nullified by the Bolshevik Revolution).

Plagues: The 1915 Palestine locust infestation breaks out in Palestine; it continues until October.


On March 3 The National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics, the predecessor of NASA, is founded in the United States.

On March 19, Pluto is photographed for the first time but is not classified as a planet.

Military: On March 25 The U.S. submarine F-4 sinks off Hawaii during submarine maneuvers; 21 are killed. These are the first submarine fatalities in US history.

Sports: On March 26, the Vancouver Millionaires win the Stanley Cup over the Ottawa Senators three games to zero.

Film: On March 3, the movie “The Birth of a Nation” has its New York premiere, despite objections from the NAACP that it is “an offense to public decency.” The title has been changed since its debut February 8 in Los Angeles as “The Clansman.”

Births: March 2, Lona Andre (who appeared in “Slaves in Bondage” and “School for Girls”), March 17, Henry Bumstead (art director for “Vertigo” and “Unforgiven”), March 19, Patricia Morison (who had roles in “Dressed to Kill” and “Hitler’s Madman”).