Girl Ranchers (1913)

by popegrutch

Marie Walcamp is one of the "Girl Ranchers."

Marie Walcamp is one of the “Girl Ranchers.”

This light comedy from Universal is a pretty typical comedic spin on “the war of the sexes,” and will probably remind modern viewers of similar comedies from more recent times. A pair of Eastern sisters inherit a Western ranch and choose to move out and run the place themselves. The rough and ready mustachioed ranch hands are unhappy about “skirts” bossing them, but they seem unable to be anything but gallant when the ladies are present. The girls redecorate and invite more and more of their friends out, and tensions rise, but the final straw is when the new owners declare that all men must be clean-shaven for reasons of hygiene. The cowboys storm off in protest, and the women attempt to do the ranch work, leading of course to hilarity at their incompetence. The plot is settled by the contrivance of a generic and unmotivated attack by a local Native American tribe. The men ride back to the rescue and the two genders of white people make common cause – the men give up their mustaches and the women hold a dance. The awkward girl winds up dancing with the awkward short man and everyone presumably lives happily ever after. The tall girl is the source of the only moments of actual comedy in the piece; I believe she is played by Laura Oakley.

Director: Al Christie

Starring: Marie Walcamp, Laura Oakley, Ramona Langley, Lee Moran

Run Time: 14 Min

I have been unable to find this film for free online. If you know where it can be seen, please share it in the comments.