Century Awards Final Nominations

by popegrutch

With just a week left before the Century Awards, I’ve gone ahead and finalized the nominations. I wound up seeing more 1914 movies in the past weeks than I’d anticipated, and some of them were quite good. The new nominations reflect my newfound love for Evgeni Bauer, although I must confess that “Silent Witnesses” was not my favorite of his movies, so it may not do as well this year as “After Death” might do next year. “Salomy Jane” deserved a few nods as well, and to my surprise, the short film “Last of the Line” made a couple of appearances, while “The Wishing Ring” got one notice and I decided to add a nomination for “Judith of Bethulia.” The new noms are all listed below, or you can see the whole updated list here.

Last of the Line” for best makeup/hairstyling.

Judith of Bethulia” for best costume design.

Evegeni Bauer on “Silent Witnesses” for production design.

Jack Holt from “Salomy Jane” for best stunts.

“Last of the Line” for editing.

“Silent Witnesses” for best cinematography.

“Silent Witnesses” for best visual effects.

Aleksander Vosnesenski, “Silent Witnesses” for best screenplay.

Elsa Krueger for “Silent Witnesses” for best supporting actress.

Alec B. Francis for “The Wishing Ring” for best supporting actor.

Joe Goodboy for “Last of the Line” for best actor.

Beatriz Michelena for “Salomy Jane” for best actress.

Evgeni Bauer for “Silent Witnesses” for best director.

“Silent Witnesses” and “Salomy Jane” for best picture.

Good luck next week to all the nominees!