January 1915

by popegrutch

Well, although I’m having trouble getting out of 1914, the New Year is here, and it’s time for a roundup off news items for the beginning of 1915.

World War One: HMS Formidable sunk January 1. British sink cruiser SMS Blücher January 24.

On January 18, German Zeppelins drop bombs on the English towns of Great Yarmouth and King’s Lynn.

The Ottoman Empire begins the Raid on the Suez Canal January 26. The raid is ultimately unsuccessful, despite a large attacking force and fifth columnists within Egypt.

Germany’s first large-scale use of poison gas as a weapon occurs on January 31 when 18,000 artillery shells containing liquid xylyl bromide tear gas are fired on the Imperial Russian Army on the Rawka River west of Warsaw during the Battle of Bolimov; however, freezing temperatures prevent it being effective

Terrorism: The year in Australia begins with an attack on a train near Broken Hill, New South Wales by two Indian men who claim allegiance with the Ottoman Empire. The ensuing fight claims both their lives and those of four civilians.

Aviation: On January 5 Joseph E. Carberry sets an altitude record of 11,690 feet (3,560 m), carrying a passenger in a fixed-wing aircraft.

Politics: The United States Congress votes down a bill on January 12 that would have given women the right to vote in the USA.

Natural Disasters: On January 13, an Earthquake (6.8 on the Richter scale) centered in Avezzano, Italy, kills 29,000.

Diplomacy: On January 18, Japan issues “Twenty One Demands” to China, which would have increased control in Manchuria, a prelude to Japanese military control of the region in decades to come. These demands are rejected by the international community.

Inventions: The patent for neon tubing is awarded to Georges Claude on January 19.

Volunteer organizations: The Kiwanis club is founded on January 21.

Communications: On January 25, the coast-to-coast phone call is inaugurated at an event attended by Alexander Graham Bell (in New York) and his former assistant Thomas A. Watson (in San Francisco).

Born: Anita Louise, actress (in “The Phantom of Crestwood” and “Madame DuBarry”) and actor Fernando Lamas (from “The Story of a Bad Woman” and “Young, Rich, and Pretty”), both on Jan 9; Veda Ann Borg (who was in “Scared Stiff” and “Mildred Pierce”) on Jan 11; William Hopper (“Perry Mason’s” Paul Drake and also in “The Deadly Mantis”), Jan 26, and Dorothy Dell (who was in “Little Miss Marker” and was Shirley Temple’s close friend before her untimely death in an automobile accident at 19) on Jan 31.