April 1914

by popegrutch


US Flag raised over Veracruz, Mexico in April, 1914

It’s time once again for a roundup of the news from 100 years ago. I like to think this helps with understanding the context of our century films.

Diplomacy: On the 9th of April is the“Tampico Incident,” in which Mexican authorities arrested 8 US sailors, and refused to give a 21-gun salute to the American flag in apology. On April, 20th April Wilson addresses Congress. Asks Congress for “approval that I should use the armed forces of the United States in such ways and to such an extent as may be necessary to obtain from General Huerta and adherents the fullest recognition of the rights and dignity of the United States, even admitting the distressing conditions now unhappily obtaining in Mexico.” On April 21, US forces occupy Veracruz. On April 22, the Mexican government ends diplomatic relations with the US.

Medicine: On April 11, Canadian Margaret C. MacDonald is appointed Matron-in-Chief of the Canadian Nursing service band and becomes the first woman in the British Empire to reach the rank of major. She had served in both the Boer War and the Spanish-American War and would serve in World War I as well.

Labor: On April 20, the Colorado National Guard attacks striking miners in their tent camp outside Ludlow, killing at least 24 in what will become known as the “Ludlow Massacre.” The dead included eleven children and 2 women, and the attack shocked the nation, ultimately culminating in new anti-child-labor laws.

Law Enforcement: First International Criminal Police Congress held in Monaco. 24 countries are represented, including some from Asia, Europe, and the Americas; the Dean of the Paris Law School is president. This congress is the origin of the idea for INTERPOL.

Sports: James Duffy, Canadian, wins the Boston Marathon on April 20. Duffy will die one year later in Ypres, France, fighting in World War I.

Art: Umberto Boccioni publishes Manifesto tecnico della scultura futurista (“Technical manifesto of futurist sculpture”); later this year he also publishes the book Pittura e scultura futuriste (dinamismo plastico) (“Futurist painting and sculpture”).

Movies: Cabiria and Mabel at the Wheel, both released April 18. Brewster’s Millions on April 15. April 12, the Mark Strand Theatre opens on Broadway and 47th Street in New York. It is considered the first “movie palace,” and heralded the end of the Nickelodeons as the primary venues for cinema.

Births: April 2, Alec Guinness, later to star in “Star Wars” and “The Man in the White Suit.”